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How did the idea for Toilies™ come about?

A few years ago, we were discussing the awkward situations that occur when one has to "go" in a public place. It's always tough in the office's shared bathroom...what if the boss is there at the same time? Or right after you've used it? How about the dreaded unisex bathroom? Then there's staying over - or attending a party - at someone's home. What if the bathroom is next to the dining room? What if it's a small apartment, so any activity in the loo is broadcast throughout the whole living space? 

Then there's the problem of attending a conference or some other work affair, and having to share a room. Rarely do hotels have two bathrooms in one space, so it's impossible to find a safe haven for the day's BM.

How about the times you're dating someone new, and it's not yet comfortable to "go" in their presence? You can cramp yourself up for just so long...

The more we talked, the more we thought of scenarios where it's just not easy to relax and do your business. Sure, there are sprays, and candles, and drops, and matches...but you can't always carry them with you! And even with "portable" sprays, you worry about leaking the fragrance on your clothes or in your luggage.

There had to be a better way!

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