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Corporate Travel Anxiety?

Have you ever been stuck sharing a hotel room with a co-worker? Budget constraints, wrong booking, you know the drill. It's already embarrassing to have to change clothes and shower with another person in the room, AND...the worst part is deciding how to handle the inevitable moment when you have to "go". What's the choice of a room freshener in close quarters? Light a match? Douse the space with your precious cologne? Neither really works, and both won't hide the fact that you've done your business.

Best solution: Toilies®! Small, leakproof, convenient, discreet. Just unwrap, drop the fresh-scented Toilie on the surface of the water, relax, and "go" with confidence! The air is clean and fresh with no tell-tale odor. 

Would you like Toilies® to be included with your usual hotel bathroom amenities like shampoo, soap, and lotion? Contact us at with the name of the hotel, and let the manager know you're interested. We promise to follow up with them!

Order your package of 10 Toilies® now!



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