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New Habits

We live in an area that eliminated plastic bags at supermarkets and other shops. Surprisingly, it didn't take long to learn a new habit: remember to bring your own bags while shopping, or be required to pay for a paper bag at checkout. No big deal! Saves the planet a little at a time, and an easily remembered change.

Toilies® are a new habit, too. You're probably used to hoping there will be a room freshener around when that need arises. When you're not at home, avoiding that potential embarrassment is an even bigger risk.

Since you already know what will happen once you close the bathroom door, think about this better solution: before you have a seat, open your Toilies® packet, drop the feather-light Toilie on the surface of the water, relax and "go"! In addition to the air immediately becoming fresher, Toilies® unique, proprietary formula creates an odor barrier in the toilet. After you've done your business, no one will know...

We think you'll find it comes naturally to use our personal, convenient air freshener before you "go", instead of searching for a messy, unhygienic spray or drop after the fact. No heavy cover-up scents to follow you out the door, either. Our blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils ensures you can always "go" with confidence, especially when you're on the go! 

Order your package of 10 Toilies® now! 

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